Operation BlackKnife Released!

2010-08-12 22:25:57 by rytherix

Operation BlackKnife is released!
Play it Now!
I hope you enjoy!

Operation BlackKnife Released!

Play It Now
PR: Imminent Position is finally released and is live on NewGrounds and LoneWolf, soon ArmorGames too.
Thanks to all of those that have already played, and thanks for all the great feedback, looking foward to more.
Also, check out info on PointResistance 2: Urgent Warfare
which was already being worked on before PR1 was finished =P

Just prepping my NewGrounds profile for when I upload my newest game, PointResistance. Before the end of November at most..
[school is a really bothersome thing =P]

PointResistance1 Nears Completion